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Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturers
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Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturers
Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturers

Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturersQingzhou Chemical Plant Product Introduction:
Chemical name: Two potassium hydrogen phosphate
Molecular formula: KH2PO4
Molecular Weight: 136.09
Character: Two potassium phosphate is a colorless square crystal crystalline to white particles or crystalline powder, odorless, stable in the air. Relative density of 2.338, soluble in water (83.5g/100ml,90℃), 2.7% aqueous solution ph value 4.2-4.7. Insoluble in ethanol.
Usage: Two potassium phosphate is used as buffer and culture agent in industry, and phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer is commonly used in agriculture, and used as food improvement additive in food industry.
Packaging: Lined with polyethylene plastic bags, coat plastic woven bags, each bag net weight of 50 kg.
Storage and transportation: two potassium phosphate should be stored in a dry, ventilated, clean warehouse, will not be damp, heated, should be separated from the harmful items stacked, phosphoric acid two potassium hydrogen shelf life of two years.
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