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Two potassium hydrogen phosphate
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Two potassium hydrogen phosphate
Two potassium hydrogen phosphate

Production of Qingzhou chemical plantTwo potassium hydrogen phosphatePerformance Introduction:
[Product Name]: Two potassium hydrogen phosphate
[English name]:postassium hydrogen phosphate
[Molecular weight]:k 2 HPO 4 3H 2 O
[Molecular weight]:228.23
[Performance characteristics]: The crystal of two potassium hydrogen phosphate is white granular, with moisture absorption properties. Heated into cokes phosphate, can be dissolved in water, aqueous solution to Phenolphthalein is alkaline.
The use of potassium dihydrogen phosphate: mainly used in the sanitary and fermentation industry, but also used in chemical reagents, microbial media, ph buffers, the production of potassium phosphate raw materials.
Disodium hydrogen phosphate can increase the ability of plants to absorb nutrients, increase photosynthesis, strengthen the anti-resistance ability of crops, protect fruit, regulate growth. Qingzhou Chemical plant production of two potassium hydrogen phosphate products stable performance, quality assurance, welcome to buy.