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Two potassium phosphate manufacturers teach you how to distinguish two potassium phosphate

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

To be able to buy cheap agricultural products, farmers friends in the purchase of agricultural products when the desire. So how can you buy a good two potassium phosphate? TodayPhosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturersQingzhou Chemical Factory came to tell you how to buy a good two potassium phosphate.
First, from the price identification. Where the market 200 grams, 400 grams/bag packaging, written "phosphoric acid two potassium" words of the product, the retail price of agricultural stores in about 2 yuan, can be identified as fake and shoddy phosphoric acid two potassium hydrogen. Because of the real this specification packaging of two potassium phosphate raw materials are much higher than 2 yuan, not to mention the finished product.
Second, from the taste of identification. Buy a product to open a few capsules to taste, bitter is the fake phosphoric acid two potassium hydrogen. Salty may be true, but salty, bitter, and salt-like flavors may be sea salt, which is also counterfeit.
Third, from the outer packaging identification. Packaging simple rough, factory famous factory site is unknown and the telephone can not make sense, are questionable. Bottled liquid phosphoric acid two potassium phosphate is unlikely to be 98% content of two potassium phosphate, because the national standard phosphoric acid two hydrogen potassium regulation is white crystal, the content reaches 98%.
Four, 98% purity of two hydrogen phosphate there is no nitrogen, a small number of elements (such as boron, zinc, iron) and regulators. If it is shown that these ingredients are included, it is doubtful whether the content is higher than 98% of potassium phosphate two. At the same time, the smell is not true 12582 agricultural ICT site positive phosphoric acid two potassium hydrogen.
Five, buy two hydrogen phosphate when the agricultural shop to ask for product notes, find the relevant agricultural Technology department identification or inspection, in order to distinguish the authenticity.
Two potassium phosphate is a relatively large number of products used in agricultural production, if the purchase of fake, not only the loss of funds, but also cause agricultural production and loss, so choose two hydrogen phosphate to choose a quality assurance of two potassium phosphate manufacturers.