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Two potassium phosphate manufacturers explain to you the role of potassium phosphate two and the application method

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

Qingzhou Chemical Factory is aPhosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturers, today we will explain to you the role of potassium phosphate two and the application method.
First, phosphoric acid two the main role of potassium hydrogen
1. Chlorine free, low salt index, can be dissolved in water. Contains phosphorus and potassium nutrients, no other toxicity.
2. Potassium phosphate Two can slow down the variation of soil acid and alkali and stabilize the ph value in the soil. It can increase the growth and propagation of the rhizosphere microbial flora of flowers. Can improve the soil, so that the root system of flowers developed, leaf hypertrophy thick green, stem comparison of coarse, disease resistance, resistance to strengthen.
3. For foliar spraying, the absorption utilization rate can reach 80%-90%, can regulate the growth of flowers, in the critical moment to supplement nutrition.
4. Two potassium hydrogen phosphate requires a small amount to achieve the desired role. The potassium ions and phosphoric acid ions in potassium phosphate two can be absorbed and utilized directly by flower plants, and the effect is fast and obvious.
Second, the correct application method of two hydrogen phosphate
At present, the fertilization method of two hydrogen phosphate is more than the root fertilization, the concentration is mostly in the seedling stage 0.05% 0.1%, the middle and late can reach 0.2% one 0.3%, can be sprayed on the page. In the growing period to use 0.2% 0.3% of two hydrogen phosphate solution spraying leaf surface, can make its branches strong leaves, flowering more color is better. Spraying 2 to 3 quantitative phosphoric acid potassium phosphate solution in the bud period can make its flowers large and numerous, and its color is gorgeous.
Leaf spray with two hydrogen phosphate during flower bud differentiation can increase flower bud differentiation, so that flowering is more, the common use concentration is 0.1%-0.2%, that is, to take one to two grams of two potassium phosphate and then add water to 1 kg (about 1 liters), in the early morning or evening with a small sprayer spray on the leaf surface can be. About the better spraying site, the absorption of two hydrogen phosphate, the tender leaves are stronger than the old leaves, the back of the leaves is stronger than the front, in addition, the tender tip can also be absorbed.
Phosphoric acid two hydrogen phosphate manufacturers Qingzhou chemical plant to remind you to buy two hydrogen phosphate to choose a quality assurance of the enterprise.