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Industry six sodium phosphate to make printing and dyeing textile industry continuous gain

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

In the past few years, with the introduction of China's environmental protection policy, more serious pollution enterprises have carried out rectification and shutdown, in view of the traditional industry, printing and dyeing textile industry impact is relatively large, as a relatively large pollution industry, printing and dyeing textile industry needs to find a new way out in the future development, because of the pressure brought about by environmental protection policy, The cost of each printing and dyeing textile industry continues to increase, profit margins are also compressed, a large number of enterprises are reducing costs, grasping quality, survival. Therefore, quality is an important condition for survival, in printing and dyeing, soft water is an important condition to ensure quality, industrial more ideal soft water agent is the industrialSix sodium hexametaphosphate, its ph value is close to neutral, in hard water and calcium ions to produce complexes, so that dyes more dispersed distribution on the textile, so that the color is more uniform. Therefore, as the manufacturer of six sodium phosphate, Qingzhou chemical factory has been adhering to the manufacture of more and better products to achieve market demand, this time Qingzhou chemical plant production and processing of six sodium phosphate has been the printing and dyeing textile industry bulk procurement, has been the printing and dyeing textile industry support and favor.
Although affected by environmental protection policy inspection, some non-standard printing and dyeing enterprises can not return to the resumption of business, greatly enhanced the changes in the market conditions. Near the end of the year, printing and dyeing textile enterprises are in a hurry to catch goods, catch goods at the same time also reserve raw materials, because after the environmental protection policy, many raw materials, additives, dye prices continue to new highs. Speaking of printing and dyeing additives, the quality and supply of six sodium phosphate in industry still need to be guaranteed, six sodium phosphate in the printing and dyeing to play soft water, help wash capacity. Therefore, in the purchase of six sodium phosphate industry, to choose a quality assurance and timely delivery of the company.
Qingzhou Chemical plant production of six sodium phosphate supply timely, quality assurance, welcome to buy.