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What are the application areas of disodium hydrogen phosphate?

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

  Two potassium hydrogen phosphateAs a chemical product with increasing use, the range of use is beginning to grow larger, so what is the scope of application of potassium hydrogen phosphate? Today, Qingzhou Chemical plant is here to tell you about the application of disodium hydrogen phosphate. What are the applications?
First, disodium hydrogen phosphate can be used in the health industry, fermentation, microbial culture and production of potassium pyrophosphate, etc.
Second, commonly used as analytical reagents and gentle granules, but also used in the pharmaceutical industry
III. corrosion inhibitors used as antifreeze, nutrients for biological media, phosphorus and potassium regulators in the fermentation industry, feed additives, etc.
Iv. used as water quality treatment agent, microorganism, fungus culture agent, etc.
Five, as feed phosphorus additives.
Six, hydrogen phosphate is used in boiler water treatment. The health industry and fermentation industry are used as phosphorus and potassium regulators and microbial media. It is a raw material for the manufacture of potassium pyrophosphate. can be used as liquid fertilizer, antifreeze corrosion inhibitor. Feed grade is used as feed nutrition supplement.
Vii. in the food industry for the preparation of pasta products with alkali water raw materials, fermentation agents, flavoring agents, puffing agents, dairy products mild alkaline agent, yeast food. Used as a buffer, chelating agent.
Above is the above Qingzhou chemical plant to give you a summary of the application of disodium hydrogen phosphate range. We see that even if the current application range of hydrogen phosphate is already relatively large, so we need to carefully look at when we choose disodium hydrogen phosphate, with the increase in the use of hydrogen phosphate, now there are many fake and shoddy hydrogen phosphate products on the market, Qingzhou chemical plant to remind everyone, The quality of disodium hydrogen phosphate is not up to standard will also cause relatively large losses, so when buying do not only map the price of cheap, but also to see the product has no quality protection, we recommend the choice of potassium dihydrogen phosphate to choose a quality assurance brand and enterprise.