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is disodium hydrogen phosphate the same as sodium hydrogen phosphate two?

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-20

        Disodium hydrogen phosphateBuffer, preparation chemistry, weak alkali use, phosphating solution, fire fighting equipment, etc. Used as industrial water treatment agent, printing and dyeing detergent, quality improvement agent, antibiotic culture agent, biochemical treatment agent and so on. Used as a flame retardant for fabrics, wood and paper, and as a weight inhibitor for silk, it is an additive for the production of reactive dyes. In welding and copper welding, borax is used instead of borax as food quality improvement agent.

Sodium phosphate Two is used in boiler water treatment, acidity cushioning, detergent, roasting powder, mica sheet masonry, dye auxiliaries, tanning, electroplating and so on, is the production of food phosphate two sodium hydrogen, acid pyrophosphate phosphate and six sodium phosphate raw materials. As a buffer, emulsifier, nutrient and so on in food and beverage.

H2po4-is ionization greater than hydrolysis, hpo42-is hydrolyzed greater than ionization, so different acidity and alkalinity, ionization greater than hydrolysis or hydrolysis greater than ionization, depending on the ionization constant for comparison.

Phosphoric acid is a weak acid, and its acid is hydrolyzed in water.

The following reactions occur in HPO42-: HPO42-+H2O=H3PO4+OH-, hydrolysis

HPO42-=H++PO43-, ionization

The two reactions are reversible, but the degree of hydrolysis is greater than the degree of ionization, leading to oh->h+ and therefore alkaline.



The ionization Chengdu is greater than the degree of hydrolysis, h+>oh-so acidic.

In summary, disodium hydrogen phosphate and two hydrogen phosphate are not the same, now understand it.