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Role of sodium phosphate six in PCC filler suspension

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

The results of studies by some mineral companies abroad show that the ph value control of paper systems containing calcium carbonate fillers can be compared in a system of reinforcing additives (chelating agent) of a weak acid, in which the weak acids are mainly for phosphoric acid, etc., produced by Qingzhou Chemical plantSix sodium hexametaphosphateAdditives are mainly phosphate compounds, six sodium phosphate used in calcium carbonate filler, is a useful buffer system can be formed, the further dissolution of calcium carbonate filler has a better control effect, the ph value of the paper system can be controlled in a neutral range.
The dissolution and prevention of calcium phosphate filler and the ph control of paper system containing calcium carbonate filler are of great significance. At present, there are two kinds of related processes in the world: one is to introduce dissolved control agent into the paper system containing calcium carbonate filler, to control the dissolution of filler in the paper system, to control the ph value of paper material in the near neutral or neutral range, and the other is to modify the treatment process in calcium carbonate filler.
The dissolution control effect of phosphoric acid was studied at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. The results show that the addition of phosphoric acid to calcium carbonate filler suspension has been modified to deal with it, phosphoric acid can produce some degree of dissolution control, the ph value of the paper system can be controlled at about 7.5, however, to achieve a better dissolution control effect of the phosphoric acid required to have a degree of dosage (can reach 20%, Using calcium carbonate filler as the benchmark).
On the basis of foreign related research, the phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid additive Qingzhou Six sodium phosphate, ethyl two amine tetraacetic acid disodium, aluminum sulfate and aluminum chloride produced by Guanghui chemical plant were added to PCC filler suspension, and the modified filler suspension was made.