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The mechanism of the inhibitor of sodium hexametaphosphate six

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-20

The application of sodium phosphate six in mineral processing and oilfield industry is a common pressurized agent for flotation, and it is also a common pressurized agent for carbonate minerals such as calcite and limestone. Mainly used for the suppression of quartz and silicate minerals.

mechanism of the inhibitor:

Six sodium phosphate is used in the flotation of sodium feldspar, Xia Shi, caramel and poly kaolinite, six potassium phosphate can selectively reduce the flotation surface of high oleic acid, through the tracer atoms test in the mineral profile to form a multi-valence metal ion Mgnap6o18, thus with mgoh+ six sodium phosphate formation mgnap6o18.

It can be soluble in water, in the liquid phase can form a complex mineral morphology of Cana and ca2+ six phosphate. P6O18, while nap6o18 in the general case of calcite can not be stranded, on the contrary, it is still absorbed, so cassiterite can be suppressed to stop, reduce the amount of adsorption in the mineral profile of the collector.

Six sodium hexametaphosphate also plays the role of separator in the flotation process. The Serpentine is muddy and covered with nickel yellow, which is bad for the flotation process. Therefore, add the required quantity. Its extension allows the mineral profile potential to be reduced so that mineral particles, whose chain length can reach at least 20 to 100 units, will make the spatial resistance between the particles.

Add six sodium phosphate to the drilling mud to improve the salt tolerance of the mud and reduce the water loss of the mud. In addition, sodium six, which dissolves the required amount, can form a membrane on the pipe wall to prevent pipe corrosion.