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The future development of sodium phosphate manufacturers

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

Three sodium phosphate is phosphate, chemical: Na3PO4. Three sodium phosphate, commonly used in industry, is a NA3PO4·12H2O containing 12 crystalline water. Because of the industries involved are: cleaning, printing and dyeing, descaling purification and so on. All walks of life combined with their own industry situation, the use of sodium phosphate will have different requirements. Can be roughly divided into: 1. Requirements for principal content; 2. Requirements for raw materials for the production of sodium phosphate; 3. Requirements for impurities contained; 4. Requirements for appearance.
  Three sodium phosphate manufacturersThe production of trisodium phosphate can be roughly attributed to: the use of soda and phosphoric acid and the reflection of the formation of hydrogen phosphate disodium solution, and then added caustic soda and hydrogen phosphate disodium, H3PO4+NA2CO3→NA2HPO4+H2O+CO2↑,NA2HPO4+NAOH→NA3PO4+H2O. Re-concentrate, dehydration, crystallization, to obtain three sodium phosphate.
The use of sodium phosphate is relatively broad, mainly because of the phosphoric acid root contained in trisodium phosphate. The phosphoric acid root is obtained after hydrolysis of trisodium phosphate, while phosphoric acid root has a relatively good complexing and dispersion effect. For example, the principle of boiler descaling is to replace calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate into loose calcium phosphate and fall off.
More common indicators: containing 12 crystalline water, the main content reached 96%. Some customers will be more stringent requirements: for example, printing and dyeing industry, the main content requirements to reach 98%, and then the content of impurities requirements are relatively low. In this case, the three sodium phosphate manufacturers have to be controlled from the source of the product: usually to achieve such a role, the use of raw materials need to be thermal phosphoric acid, soda and caustic soda can not be secondary products ... There are even specific requirements for the process.
Some industries: such as boiler descaling, ordinary cleaning on the three sodium phosphate does not have much requirements. 98% or 96% Direct selection according to business considerations. Today is the era of personalized customization, the same is true of sodium phosphate manufacturers. Upstream enterprises should constantly explore and explore customer needs. As a sodium phosphate manufacturer of Qingzhou chemical plant has been on the road to explore.