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Six sodium hexametaphosphate
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Six sodium hexametaphosphate
Six sodium hexametaphosphate

[Product Name]:Six sodium hexametaphosphate
[English name]:sodium henamephophate
[Molecular weight]:611.77
[Performance features]: Six sodium phosphate is a kind of sodium hexametaphosphate polymer, for transparent glass flake or white powdery crystal. Moisture absorption is strong, moisture absorption after viscosity, easy to moisture solution in the air, soluble in water, in the water solubility is greater, but the dissolution rate is slow; aqueous solution is acidic reaction. Easily hydrolyzed or linoleic phosphate. Some metal ions (calcium, magnesium) have the ability to produce soluble complexes, so can be used to soften water, and silver, barium salt and so on can also produce complexes.
[usage]: six sodium phosphate can be used as a softening agent for cooling water treatment of power stations, rolling stock, boilers and fertilizer plants, detergent additives, control or anti-corrosion agents, cement hardening propellant, streptomycin purification agent, fiber industry, bleaching and dyeing industry cleaning agent.
In the mineral processing industry as a flotation agent, the food industry as a preservative, stabilizer. In the oil industry, anti-rust for drilling tubes and control of oil drilling when adjusting the viscosity of the slurry. It is also used in textile printing and dyeing, tanning, paper making, color film, soil analysis, radiology, analytical chemistry and other departments.