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Sodium acetate manufacturer to tell you about the production steps of sodium acetate for industrial use

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

With the development of industrial production and economy, the chemical industry has also ushered in a relatively large development opportunities, sodium acetate in industrial production in a relatively large position, many industries will use sodium acetate for industrial production and processing, thenSodium acetate manufacturerQingzhou Chemical plant to tell you about the industrial use of sodium acetate production steps.
Steps for the production of sodium acetate for industrial use:
First, the selection of raw materials
At present, the more sodium acetate manufacturers in China, generally through the above two ways of production, that is, glacial acetic acid and sodium carbonate or chip alkali or liquid sodium hydroxide reaction production, because the impurity content of sodium carbonate is difficult to control, the purchase cost of chip alkali is higher, so more use of liquid sodium hydroxide.
According to the use of different purposes, the general industrial use of sodium acetate to recover glacial acetic acid and ordinary liquid alkali (such as diaphragm alkali), and food water with sodium acetate or anhydrous sodium acetate using high purity glacial acetic acid and ionic membrane liquid alkali.
Second, the production process
Sodium acetate manufacturers generally use stainless steel reactor, add glacial acetic acid and sodium hydroxide stirring in the case of 80-100 degrees reaction. Sodium hydrated acetate generally uses the mould, the reaction ends to concentrate the cooling crystallization, the centrifuge dries after drying packaging. After the end of anhydrous sodium acetate reaction, it is necessary to carry out decolorization and refining operation, and then into the dryer, dry until the moisture content is qualified after cooling packaging.
Product content, impurity content is mainly dependent on raw material content control, color and aqueous solution clarity depends on the refining process.
Third, packaging
Because sodium acetate products are easy to absorb moisture, sodium acetate manufacturers generally use double-layer PE bags plus three in one paper plastic bag packaging, can also be used double-layer PE bags plus cardboard barrel packaging.
Sodium acetate manufacturer Qingzhou chemical plant production and production of sodium acetate performance is stable, quality assurance, welcome to buy.