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Sodium tripolyphosphate producers tell you why sodium tripolyphosphate is reused

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

Phosphate is a relatively large product used in people's daily life. Farmers fertilization is inseparable from phosphorus, livestock farming is also inseparable from phosphate .... People's Daily diet is also a phosphorus-containing (elemental) compound. So we have to face the forbidden phosphorus first,Sodium triphosphate ManufacturerTell you that sodium tripolyphosphate can not be banned, will only be used more and more reasonable.
As early as 1669, a businessman named Blunt H in Hamburg, Germany, accidentally got "phosphorus" in the process of using strong heat to evaporate the human urine dream of making gold. In the 1772, the French Lavozig burned phosphorus and began to study phosphoric acid. So that phosphate was later widely used in fertilizers. Slowly, sodium tripolyphosphate is used as a more cost-effective washing additive for a wide range of washing supplies. Until the emergence of "eutrophication", the prohibition of phosphorus began. There have been many phosphate industry insiders believe that the restriction of phosphorus in detergents in fact, the power of "phosphorus ban" is minimal, should be pursued for reasons such as fertilizer pollution, livestock excreta pollution and so on ... The development of phosphate is really a seemingly downwind in the first place, but it is a bump!
Today, phosphate is finally taken seriously again. Today's sodium tripolyphosphate is not only cost-effective washing auxiliaries so simple; China's "treasures"-ceramics, since the summer Shang and Zhou era has been started to manufacture. Its main raw material is clay, through high temperature burning molding, that is, household goods are also works of art. The quality of the burn and the probability of success are closely linked to the quality of the clay: the water content is too low, the firing process will be greatly reduced, and even lead to failure of the firing. Particle size, fluidity is not good, then molded ceramics absorbent is very large, affecting the quality also affects the appearance. However, through the excavation of clay and the increasing use of ceramics, ceramic water reducer came into being. Among them, the relatively good value-reducing agent is sodium tripolyphosphate.
Sodium tripolyphosphate has been able to occupy water reducer laureate, mainly because of its strong complexing ability with calcium, magnesium and other ions, but also to increase the potential, reduce the mud water content at the same time, but also make its fluidity strengthen. Furthermore, the production technology of sodium tripolyphosphate has been developed in China is quite mature, like the eastern Sichuan Chemical Industry, many enterprises of sodium tripolyphosphate used in the ceramic industry and even get the praise of the European and American developed countries!
China phosphate mineral resources are abundant, sodium tripolyphosphate manufacturers can foresee the future of sodium tripolyphosphate in many industries to play its pivotal role!