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Six sodium hexametaphosphate What are the current application areas?

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

  Six sodium hexametaphosphateIn the industrial production of more and more high use, with the development of the economy and the development of the chemical industry, the use of six sodium phosphate is also beginning to become more and more extensive, Qingzhou chemical plant for everyone to tell you about six sodium phosphate current application range what?
One or six sodium hexametaphosphate is mainly used in the food and industrial industries. Among them, the main applications of the food industry are:
1, six sodium phosphate used in meat products, fish intestines, ham, etc., can strengthen water retention, enhance the binding, do not allow fat oxidation;
2, six sodium phosphate used in soy sauce, soy sauce can reduce discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten the fermentation period, adjust the taste;
3, six sodium phosphate for fruit drinks, refreshing beverages, can increase the rate of juice, increase viscosity, reduce vitamin C decomposition;
4, used for ice cream can increase the expansion capacity, increase the volume, increase the emulsification effect to reduce the damage of the paste, so that the taste and color better;
5, six sodium phosphate used in dairy products, beverages to reduce gel precipitation;
6, six sodium phosphate added to beer can clarify the liquor, reduce turbidity;
7, six sodium phosphate for beans, canned fruits and vegetables, can stabilize the natural color, protect the color of food;
8, six sodium phosphate aqueous solution sprayed on pickled meat, can increase the anticorrosion performance.
Two or six sodium phosphate industrial industry is mainly:
Sodium phosphate 1 and six can be heated and manufactured with sodium fluoride to manufacture single sodium fluoride, the latter being an important industrial raw material;
2, six sodium hexametaphosphate as a soft water agent, such as used in dyeing and finishing, play the role of soft water;
3, six sodium phosphate is also widely used as a scale inhibitor in EDI (resin electrodialysis), RO, NF (nanofiltration) and other water treatment industries.
From the above, we found that six sodium phosphate in the food industry has a wide range of applications, in the industrial industry use is relatively large, as a wide range of applications of chemical products, six sodium phosphate quality requirements are relatively large, so to choose a quality assurance of six sodium phosphate.