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Two sodium phosphate manufacturers introduce you to the main use and performance characteristics of sodium phosphate two

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

Two sodium phosphate as a chemical supplies in fact, there are many uses, phosphoric acid two sodium hydrogen is a relatively good buffer, stabilizer, gel and so on, phosphoric acid two sodium hydrogen is the main use in the food industry and even cosmetics industry have a relatively wide range of applications, phosphoric acid two sodium hydroxide performance characteristics are Yi Hao in the water of white crystalline powder, When using this chemical, we should pay attention to the storage problem, do not let people eat by mistake.Two sodium hydrogen phosphate manufacturerQingzhou Chemical Plant for us to introduce the use and performance characteristics of sodium phosphate two.
Use of two sodium phosphate:
L phosphate Two sodium hydrogen is used in boiler water treatment, electroplating. is the manufacture of six sodium hexametaphosphate and condensed phosphate raw materials. It is also used in the manufacture of detergents, metal cleaners, as dye auxiliaries and pigment sedimentation agents. Mica slices are fitted. Acidity buffer. Baking powder Manufacturing.
2 phosphoric acid Two sodium hydrogen is used in boiler water treatment, electroplating, tanning, dyes, food and other industries.
3 phosphoric acid Two sodium hydrogen is used as analytical reagent, retarder and soft water agent.
4 Phosphoric acid Two sodium hydroxide ph regulator, phosphorus supplementation medicine.
5 Phosphoric acid Two sodium hydrogen and disodium hydrogen phosphate, in the food industry fermentation industry to make a slow granule and fermentation powder raw materials, but also used as feed additives, is a good buffer, used as detergent and dye additives, in cosmetic formula as a ph regulator, but also the preparation of polyphosphate and phosphate raw materials.
Characteristics of two sodium phosphate:
Density l.949/cm. Melting Point 60 ℃. There are no water, one water and two water three kinds. Anhydrous is white crystalline powder, slightly hygroscopic, easy to dissolve in water. Anhydrous system colorless oblique crystal crystal, soluble in water, aqueous solution is acidic reaction (PH:4.5), insoluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in chloroform. Two water is also very easy to dissolve in water, moist air easy to agglomerate, 100 ℃ when dehydrated into anhydrous, 190-210 ℃ when the formation of sodium pyrophosphate, 280-300 ℃ decomposition into sodium hexametaphosphate. The aqueous solution is acidic. At present, as a product of the main two-water objects. At a certain ph value, by the reaction of sodium carbonate with phosphoric acid or by the reaction of hydrogen phosphate disodium with the proportion of phosphoric acid, it is easy to agglomerate in wet air.
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