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How to use six sodium hexametaphosphate reasonably in food industry

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

Now with the food quality standards and testing more and more stringent, the use of food additives need to be added in strict accordance with the prescribed standards, if the addition of excessive will bring greater harm to the health of the body, in our daily life, it is not difficult to find a lot of food will have a shelf life, and food will have different tastes, I believe we all know that there are additives in it, so what are the additives? I believe a lot of friends don't know much, and the more chemicals we use in our Nissan life areSix sodium hexametaphosphate, as long as the chemical substance will have some harm to the body, but if in the dosage, there is no problem. So how much is the dosage of six sodium hexametaphosphate suitable? Today Qingzhou chemical plant will come to analyze for you a reasonable amount of six sodium phosphate in the food industry.
In the food industry, the use of general 0.3-0.5%, cheese in 0.9%, meat 0.3%, milk powder, cream powder, frozen fish, shrimp 0.5%, condensed milk, beverages 0.2%.
Six sodium phosphate used in the food industry will have a small amount of metal elements, etc., the food industry used in six sodium phosphate also contains some levels of fluoride, if it is a low concentration of fluoride may cause gradual poisoning and fluorosis, resulting in reduced calcium in the bones, leading to bone sclerosis and osteoporosis of the bone.
But these hazards are in the case of long-term exposure to six sodium phosphate is possible, China is after a lot of animal experiments and practical circumstances to develop the food industry in the six sodium phosphate in the low standard of these substances, generally in China's formulation of low content below will not appear the above harm to health things!
Of course, the use of six sodium phosphate to be in accordance with the standards, but also need to choose a better six sodium phosphate manufacturers to produce products can be.