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Sodium tripolyphosphate manufacturers tell you about the harm of sodium tripolyphosphate intake too much

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

  Sodium triphosphate ManufacturerQingzhou Chemical Factory reminds you that although sodium tripolyphosphate is a relatively large number of products used in industrial production, but in the food industry or some enterprises will be added, sodium tripolyphosphate intake too much for the human body will be harmful, Today, sodium tripolyphosphate manufacturer Qingzhou Chemical plant to tell you about the harm of sodium tripolyphosphate intake too much.
1, too much phosphorus can lead to the equivalent of calcium, magnesium deficiency.
The human body needs calcium, phosphorus, magnesium ratio. Phosphorus overdose or calcium and phosphorus ratio is too low relative to occur more, the symptoms are equivalent to calcium deficiency. Too much phosphorus can reduce the absorption of magnesium. The ratio of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium intake to 5:2.5:1 is more appropriate, if the same intake of too much or too little, other nutrients will be affected, thus affecting health.
2, phosphorus can make the skin itchy
Reducing the disease of the hand and foot mouth can start with reducing contact and eating phosphorus-containing substances. Infantile HFMD is a serious disease, which should be related to the use of phosphorus-containing toiletries and excessive intake of phosphorus-containing foods in infants and young children. Phosphorus in washing products can tickle the skin; children's favorite yogurt, juice drinks, jelly, ice cream, instant noodles, biscuits, pastries, bread and other foods generally contain sodium tripolyphosphate, too much phosphorus can make the skin itchy. Irritant skin also please stay away from sodium tripolyphosphate.
Although sodium tripolyphosphate has been widely added by modern processed foods due to the need of fast-paced modern life, it is, after all, a phosphate with no nutritional value, and perhaps some people unknown have a bad effect on human health. Although our country has the limit of adding quantity, but whether the food with sodium tripolyphosphate on the market will also be as serious as that of the white agent in flour, we do not know. So choose food do not stare at whether the color is bright, whether the taste is lubrication, whether there is no precipitation, and so on, manufacturers add more sodium tripolyphosphate can meet these requirements of consumers, and this is what we do not want to accept. Therefore, sodium tripolyphosphate manufacturers suggest that we still choose some natural ingredients for their own processing.