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Two potassium phosphate manufacturers General manager guest Securities information channel to mention enterprise innovation idea

Edit:Qingzhou Chemical FactoryUpDate:2018-12-05

With the country promoting enterprise innovation and the innovation path proposed in the "Belt and Road" forum, Innovation has become an important force to promote the development of enterprises. More and more enterprises are willing to strengthen innovation cooperation with foreign enterprises, launch the "Belt and Road" science and Technology Innovation Action Plan,Phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide manufacturersCao General, general manager of Qingzhou Chemical plant, visited the securities information channel hosted by Liu Yi, and put forward the topic of "grasping innovation and development for innovation and Future", which has been recognized by many entrepreneurs.
Cao said: With the economic situation of foreign countries and China, in the World trade platform, can not wait for customers to come to us. We should go out, enterprises also have to look forward, we are with the help of the east wind, the need to use the "Belt and Road" situation to further pull our customers in, our products into their front. And under the implementation of the national policy, seize the opportunity, so that has become the Yangtze River north of the influential phosphate production enterprises more and more rapid stride forward.
Two potassium phosphate manufacturers Qingzhou chemical plant Cao Jinlong general Manager from the reform and opening up contact with the chemical industry, from 1990 onwards, 28 years without interruption, from the workshop workers, until now the general manager, Cao has been engaged in development, research and production work, Adhere to the product development step by step to do the product more and more better, more and more refined.
Qingzhou Chemical Plant was founded in 1998, has now developed into an area of 10000 square meters, the existing staff of 15 people, including phosphate research for 20 years of Engineers 3 people, craft personnel 5 people chemical plant. Production of trisodium phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, two hydrogen phosphate, two potassium phosphate, six sodium diphosphate, disodium hydrogen phosphate, Shandong Province is the production, supply and marketing of the overall service of phosphorus chemical and phosphoric acid two hydrogen phosphate manufacturers.