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Sodium acetate Manufacturers
Sodium acetate Manufacturers

Sodium acetate ManufacturersQingzhou Chemical Plant Product Introduction:
Product Name: Sodium acetate
English Name: Sodium acetate
Structural formula: CH3COONa
Molecular formula: C2H3O2Na
Object performance: Sodium acetate is a colorless odorless crystal, in the air can be weathered, combustible, soluble in water and other liquids, slightly soluble in ethanol, anhydrous sodium acetate density 1.528g/cm3, melting point 324 ℃, Sanshui sodium acetate density 1.45g/cm3, melting point 58 ℃, Remove the molecular water when the spontaneous combustion point 607.2℃,123℃.
Usage: Sodium acetate can be used in printing and dyeing, hygiene and photography work departments, can be used to make many chemical products, such as furan propylene, acetic acid and chloroacetic acid, etc., can also be used as meat preservatives and chemical reagents.
Sodium acetate manufacturers Qingzhou chemical plant production of sodium acetate performance is stable, quality assurance, welcome to buy.