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Qingzhou Chemical Factory
Contact Person: Cao FA
Mobile: 13583652927
Contact: Manager Shi
Mobile: 13806463604
Mobile: 15315265303
Tel: 0536-3292128
Fax: 0536-3295231
Email: 13583652927@163com
Add: Middle of Fu Ying Street, economic development Zone, Qingzhou, Shandong Province

Qingzhou Chemical Factory is located in the scenic historical and cultural city-Qingzhou. 309 National Road North, Jiqing Expressway, Jiaoji Railway in this pass, convenient transportation. Qingzhou is one of the ancient Kyushu, famous scenery, is a tourist city, Yunmenshan, Camel Mountain, Gu Shan, the garden, fan gongting and Qingzhou Museum, as well as beautiful scenery, with cultural heritage and precious historical relics.
Qingzhou Chemical Plant, the production of trisodium phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate,Disodium hydrogen phosphate, two sodium phosphate, two hydrogen phosphate,Six sodium hexametaphosphateTwo potassium hydrogen phosphate, Shandong Province is the production, supply and marketing of integrated services of phosphorus chemical and phosphate series manufacturers.
We are willing to "mutual benefit and common development" principle, to "excellent products, low prices, thoughtful service," with you "with the Times, create a better future."
Qingzhou Guanghui Chemical Plant All staff carry forward the "unity and forge ahead, dedicated love Enterprise" spirit, sincere unity, is willing to good service, good product quality, sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to Qingzhou to sightseeing orders. "Customer Satisfaction" is the goal of our factory production and operation, we firmly believe that the success of users is the basis of our development.
General manager Cao with all staff warmly welcome customers to visit the guide, business negotiations are willing to work together and seek common development!